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MarkForged: Preorder Period Opens For The World’s First Carbon Fiber 3D Printer


Worlds First Carbon Fiber 3D Printer

Find Out More About The MarkForged Here!

The Danger!Awesome Makerspace Reaches Its Kickstarter Goal

Massachusetts, USA Makerspace reaches their campaign goal to expand their facilities

Danger!Awesome is a Makerspace in Massachusetts offering Laser engraving, 3D Printing, and other services. Find out More here!


MarkForged Answers Your Questions About The World’s First Carbon Fiber Capable 3D Printer

If you haven’t heard about it, the Mark One is the world’s first 3D Printer that can 3D Print with Carbon Fiber and other Composite materials. ABS Plastic Filament is very popular in the 3D Printing world due to its strength. Mark One is enabling those he need an even stronger solution. Carbon Fiber is up to 20 times stronger than ABS and is also very light-weight. You can find out more about the Mark One here!

Carbon Fiber 3D Printer Image |

Mark One: World’s First Carbon Fiber 3D Printer


All MakerKase #3DPrinter Cabinet Units Will Now Come With A Temperature Controller


Protecting Your Investment

Every MakerKase you back on Kickstarter will come with its own STC-1000 Electronic Temperature Controller. If you aren’t familiar with the MakerKase it is a universal 3D Printer cabinet which helps protect your investment as well as your 3D Printing projects by helping maintain proper temperature as well as protecting curious hands from burns. Learn more about the MakerKase here!


MyEasy3D by Staples Helps You Open An Online Shop To Sell Your 3D Printing Designs


Makeraser Reaches Its Funding Goal In Just 5 Days!


Successfully Funded With Kickstarter

Makeraser saves you time and money by allowing you to fix common mistakes and imperfections in your 3D Prints as well as improve your 3D Prints with touch-up tools

More About Makeraser

The Mini Metal Maker Gets Improved Motors

mini_metal_maker_new_motors|“New motors received for the prototype2.0 that is currently under construction.  Along with making the motor carriage design more modular and rigid, the new design incorporates some new parts in the extruder intended to reduce the line diameter to below 100um.”

|Source: Mini Metal Maker IndieGoGo Campaign Updates Page

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