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What Is A 3D Printer?

What_Is_A_3D_Printer?|ben_ostenn_on_flickr|http://farm5.staticflickr.com/4009/4392589723_b3845892db_b.jpgA 3D Printer is best thought of in relation to your regular home printer; your ink printer at home uses ink to print text and images on paper, a 3D Printer works by using materials such as plastic and metal to print 3-dimensional (3D) objects. How can a 3D Printer use plastic, metal, and other materials to print? With most of the materials that are currently available for a 3D Printer to work with, the material is simply heated up until it becomes soft so that it can be molded into something that you want; anyone else ever accidentally over-heated a Tupperware container before they became microwave-safe? A tasty example is picturing ice cream coming out of a soft-serve ice cream machine, how it comes pouring slowly out unto the ice cream cone and the ice cream man/woman would move the cone in a circle so that the ice cream made a swirly layer. 3D Printers work be taking, for example, plastic as if it were the ice cream, and then layers it; the design file, simply the pattern, you give your 3D Printer, tells it what it should print. READ MORE!