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Custom-Fit Teeth And Bones WIth #3DPrinters


Professor Liu Zhongjun shows a printed metal implant for the cervical vertebrae.|Li Hao/ GT



Facial Reconstruction With 3D Printers


facial_reconstruction_3d_printer|http://static.dnaindia.com/images/cache/1875941.jpgREAD MORE HERE!

Helping Heal Broken Bones

3D Arm Cast

Image Credit dezeen.com

The wonderful freedom of 3D printing; users of 3D printers come up with awesome ideas and designs. You can find the full article here of someone who has printed a prototype arm cast.

Scientists Growing Organs Depsite Donor Shortage

Original Credit to cbsnews.com

Scientist are are currently manufacturing body parts such as blood vessels with 3D Printed Blood Vessel3D printers. A damaged blood vessel can be constructed by giving a 3D printer the “blueprint” of the vessel, such as the length, with, and curve of that vessel to fit into the space of the original damaged vessel. Technology is not currently at the level in which portions of or whole organs can be replaced but 3D printers are already being used to save lives.The full article as written by cbsnews.com can be found here.