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All MakerKase #3DPrinter Cabinet Units Will Now Come With A Temperature Controller


Protecting Your Investment

Every MakerKase you back on Kickstarter will come with its own STC-1000 Electronic Temperature Controller. If you aren’t familiar with the MakerKase it is a universal 3D Printer cabinet which helps protect your investment as well as your 3D Printing projects by helping maintain proper temperature as well as protecting curious hands from burns. Learn more about the MakerKase here!


3DMonstr Quad Extruder #3DPrinter Gets A Heated Print Bed and New Stretch Goal

http://i0.wp.com/allabout3dprinting.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/The-3DMonstr-Quad-Extruder-3D-Printer.jpg?resize=470%2C260A Heated Print Bed has been added to the 3DMonstr allowing the use of high-heat Filaments, such as ABS Filament. The Kickstarter Campaign has already surpassed it’s goal and currently as about $59,000 in funding. The Makers have set a stretch goal of $65,000 in funding in which all backers of the 3DMonstr will receive a choice of 1 pound of Taulman 645, Taulman Nylon 618, or T-Glase Filament that will be sent for free with their 3DMonstr 3D Printer. Learn more about the 3DMonstr by clicking here. You can find out more about the 3 specialty Filaments above by Taulman by clicking here.

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The #Robox Team Invites You To Their Development Forum


Factory Primed For The Beta Units

Join the Forum or find out more on the Robox Kickstarter Page!

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The Robox #3DPrinter Team Celebrates Reaching Their #Kickstarter Goal


The team behind the Robox Micro-manufacturing platform celebrate surpassing their Kickstarter goal by releasing a special Kickstarter Green Edition Robox 3D Printer and have also improved the Print Resolution of the Robox. Haven’t heard of the Robox before? Find out MORE HERE!


Improved Resolution


#Lionhead #3DPrinter Has Suspended Their #Kickstarter Campaign

Lionhead has suspended their Kickstarter campaign but has NOT given up on their 3D Printer. You can find out why Radiant Fabrication, the Makers of the Lionhead, have decided to do so here.

Lionhead 8 Head 3D Printer

Lionhead 8 Head 3D Printer


@DGlass3Dinc Still Planning To Release Their Dual and Quad #3DPrinting Extruders


The Dual Extruder

Though DGlass3D fell short of their Kickstarter goal for their innovative Extruder they have not given up! We see on their Kickstarter page that they plan on furthering research and development to be able to release their Extruder in time for Christmas this year. Find out more at dglass3d.com.


RigidbotThe Rigidbot 3D printer is a very unique and affordable 3D printer. It comes in 2 different sizes and can be ordered either fully assembled or as a kit in which you would have to assemble the printer yourself but is an even more affordable option. We feel as though the best feature of the Rigidbot is that you can use multiple printing materials, even at the same time, and can get the printer for less than $500 US including shipping! READ MORE!