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The Mini Metal Maker Gets Improved Motors

mini_metal_maker_new_motors|http://images.indiegogo.com/file_attachments/327502/files/20140124100322-newMotors.jpg?1390586602“New motors received for the prototype2.0 that is currently under construction.  Along with making the motor carriage design more modular and rigid, the new design incorporates some new parts in the extruder intended to reduce the line diameter to below 100um.”

|Source: Mini Metal Maker IndieGoGo Campaign Updates Page

Campaign Home Page


The Rapide One #3DPrinter by @rapide3d Has Reached and Surpassed Its Funding Goal!

The Rapide One 3D Printer Has Surpassed Its IndieGoGo Crowdfunding Goal With More Than A Week Left For Additional Funding

Find Out More About The Rapide One Here and stay tuned to the blog for additional Stretch Goals the Maker (manufacturer) may add.


Rapide One Introduces A 3 Easy Payments Plan For The Rapide One 3D Printer!


Professional 3D Printing for everyone

Rapide One has made it possible for you to pay only a third of the total funding for the level you choose on the campaign page and then the other two payments over the course of  about 2 months. Rapide One also offers huge discount offers. Buy a $150 discount card and Rapide One will take $500 of the price of your 3D Printer. Buy the discount card costing $300 and Rapide will take $750 off of the price of your 3D Printer! Find out more about the Rapide One!

Happy Saving!


The Rapide One #3DPrinter Reaches Half Of Its Campaign Funding


Professional 3D Printing for everyone

The Rapide One allows professional quality 3D Prints at an affordable price. The IndieGoGo campaign is over halfway funded with 3 weeks to go. Check the Rapide One out here.


The Mini Metal Maker Metal Printing 3D Printer Gets A Make Over

This Affordable Open Source Metal Printing 3D Printer Gets A New Look

From The Maker: Here is a first-release look at the production version Mini Metal Maker. The new machine is slightly shorter and narrower than the prototype. It has a reduced parts-count, higher rigidity and, yes, is made primarily of powder coated metal. Any color suggestions? 🙂


New Look!

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The #Dextrus #Robotic Hand

The Dextrus

By The Open Hand Project

The Dextrus is enabling amputees to regain the use of lost limbs. You can help make Dextrus a reality on their IndieGoGo Crowd Funding page.


“I think it’s certainly going to enable me to do the finer things in life which I haven’t been able to do with the hook”