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MarkForged: Preorder Period Opens For The World’s First Carbon Fiber 3D Printer


Worlds First Carbon Fiber 3D Printer

Find Out More About The MarkForged Here!

MarkForged Answers Your Questions About The World’s First Carbon Fiber Capable 3D Printer

If you haven’t heard about it, the Mark One is the world’s first 3D Printer that can 3D Print with Carbon Fiber and other Composite materials. ABS Plastic Filament is very popular in the 3D Printing world due to its strength. Mark One is enabling those he need an even stronger solution. Carbon Fiber is up to 20 times stronger than ABS and is also very light-weight. You can find out more about the Mark One here!

Carbon Fiber 3D Printer Image | http://allabout3dprinting.com/soon-release-mark-one-3d-printer-set-print-carbon-fiber-composites/

Mark One: World’s First Carbon Fiber 3D Printer


All MakerKase #3DPrinter Cabinet Units Will Now Come With A Temperature Controller


Protecting Your Investment

Every MakerKase you back on Kickstarter will come with its own STC-1000 Electronic Temperature Controller. If you aren’t familiar with the MakerKase it is a universal 3D Printer cabinet which helps protect your investment as well as your 3D Printing projects by helping maintain proper temperature as well as protecting curious hands from burns. Learn more about the MakerKase here!


3DMonstr Quad Extruder #3DPrinter Gets A Heated Print Bed and New Stretch Goal

http://i0.wp.com/allabout3dprinting.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/The-3DMonstr-Quad-Extruder-3D-Printer.jpg?resize=470%2C260A Heated Print Bed has been added to the 3DMonstr allowing the use of high-heat Filaments, such as ABS Filament. The Kickstarter Campaign has already surpassed it’s goal and currently as about $59,000 in funding. The Makers have set a stretch goal of $65,000 in funding in which all backers of the 3DMonstr will receive a choice of 1 pound of Taulman 645, Taulman Nylon 618, or T-Glase Filament that will be sent for free with their 3DMonstr 3D Printer. Learn more about the 3DMonstr by clicking here. You can find out more about the 3 specialty Filaments above by Taulman by clicking here.

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Rapide One Introduces A 3 Easy Payments Plan For The Rapide One 3D Printer!


Professional 3D Printing for everyone

Rapide One has made it possible for you to pay only a third of the total funding for the level you choose on the campaign page and then the other two payments over the course of  about 2 months. Rapide One also offers huge discount offers. Buy a $150 discount card and Rapide One will take $500 of the price of your 3D Printer. Buy the discount card costing $300 and Rapide will take $750 off of the price of your 3D Printer! Find out more about the Rapide One!

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What Does Volume Mean For #3DPrinters and #3DScanners

What Is Volume In The World Of

3D Printing?

Refers to the capacity of a 3D Printer, 3D Scanner, or other device. For example; the maximum height of the range of vertical motion for the Extruder Head combined with the maximum dimensions of the Print Bed dictate the maximum size of an object it can Print. For a 3D Scanner, the Scan Volume is simply the maximum dimensions of an object it can Scan, this is usually dictated by the dimensions of the Bed/turn-table and the range of motion of the camera(s) and Laser(s), if equipped. Some devices do not have a set maximum Volume.

Fuel_3D_3D_Scanner|http://allabout3dprinting.com/the-fuel-3d-handheld-3d-scanner/Point-and-Shoot 3D Scanners are only limited by how much its software can accommodate as they are basically digital cameras that are optimized to recreate the object 3-Dimensionally for manipulation and/or 3D Printing. An example of a Point-and-Shoot 3D Scanner is the Fuel 3D Scanner. Some 3D Printers, such as Stereolithographic 3D Printers, are only limited by the amount of Filament you have as well as the size of the container you available to Print the object in. An example of a 3D Printer with this capability is the Peachy.

The Robox #3DPrinter Team Celebrates Reaching Their #Kickstarter Goal


The team behind the Robox Micro-manufacturing platform celebrate surpassing their Kickstarter goal by releasing a special Kickstarter Green Edition Robox 3D Printer and have also improved the Print Resolution of the Robox. Haven’t heard of the Robox before? Find out MORE HERE!


Improved Resolution