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The 3D PinPoint “Find A #3DPrinter Serivce” Has Launched!


3dpinpoint|http://3dpinpoint.me/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/guys.pngThe services at 3dpinpoint.me allow you to list your local 3D Printer so that you can make money by allowing others to send object to you for Printing. 3D PinPoint also allows you to find local 3D Printers in your area for your 3D Printing needs as well. Even if you have a 3D Printer being able to use the Printers of others allows you to Print objects faster as well as being able to Print objects that your Printer may not be able to. For example, you may need to Print a very large object or even Print something in a material that your Printer can’t. Visit 3dpinpoint.me to learn more!