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What Does Volume Mean For #3DPrinters and #3DScanners

What Is Volume In The World Of

3D Printing?

Refers to the capacity of a 3D Printer, 3D Scanner, or other device. For example; the maximum height of the range of vertical motion for the Extruder Head combined with the maximum dimensions of the Print Bed dictate the maximum size of an object it can Print. For a 3D Scanner, the Scan Volume is simply the maximum dimensions of an object it can Scan, this is usually dictated by the dimensions of the Bed/turn-table and the range of motion of the camera(s) and Laser(s), if equipped. Some devices do not have a set maximum Volume.

Fuel_3D_3D_Scanner|http://allabout3dprinting.com/the-fuel-3d-handheld-3d-scanner/Point-and-Shoot 3D Scanners are only limited by how much its software can accommodate as they are basically digital cameras that are optimized to recreate the object 3-Dimensionally for manipulation and/or 3D Printing. An example of a Point-and-Shoot 3D Scanner is the Fuel 3D Scanner. Some 3D Printers, such as Stereolithographic 3D Printers, are only limited by the amount of Filament you have as well as the size of the container you available to Print the object in. An example of a 3D Printer with this capability is the Peachy.


The #Lionhead: The First 8 Head Personal #3DPrinter!

Lionhead 8 Head 3D Printer|http://i1.wp.com/allabout3dprinting.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/Full_Version_8_Head_Lionhead_3D_Printer.png?zoom=1.5&resize=300%2C213

Lionhead 8 Head 3D Printer



Meet #Peachy: The First $100 #3DPrinter




Building A Working 3D Printer From Lego’s!

3D Printer Made With Legos|http://www.instructables.com/files/deriv/FBC/TUMY/HIUXAZSQ/FBCTUMYHIUXAZSQ.LARGE.jpg

Learn how this person built a functioning 3D Printer on a budget using Lego’s as the frame!

What Is A 3D Printer?

What_Is_A_3D_Printer?|ben_ostenn_on_flickr|http://farm5.staticflickr.com/4009/4392589723_b3845892db_b.jpgA 3D Printer is best thought of in relation to your regular home printer; your ink printer at home uses ink to print text and images on paper, a 3D Printer works by using materials such as plastic and metal to print 3-dimensional (3D) objects. How can a 3D Printer use plastic, metal, and other materials to print? With most of the materials that are currently available for a 3D Printer to work with, the material is simply heated up until it becomes soft so that it can be molded into something that you want; anyone else ever accidentally over-heated a Tupperware container before they became microwave-safe? A tasty example is picturing ice cream coming out of a soft-serve ice cream machine, how it comes pouring slowly out unto the ice cream cone and the ice cream man/woman would move the cone in a circle so that the ice cream made a swirly layer. 3D Printers work be taking, for example, plastic as if it were the ice cream, and then layers it; the design file, simply the pattern, you give your 3D Printer, tells it what it should print. READ MORE!


RigidbotThe Rigidbot 3D printer is a very unique and affordable 3D printer. It comes in 2 different sizes and can be ordered either fully assembled or as a kit in which you would have to assemble the printer yourself but is an even more affordable option. We feel as though the best feature of the Rigidbot is that you can use multiple printing materials, even at the same time, and can get the printer for less than $500 US including shipping! READ MORE!