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Connect With Others In The #3DPrinting Community

Current users of can now engage each other in more ways. Send personal messages, add friends and keep up with their activity, start or join various groups, engage in forum discussions, build a profile so others with similar interest can find you. Even though the new direct messaging and groups option have been added we have not done away with the chat room and quick chat features; the link has been moved under the “Community” menu at the top of our website. You can access all of the new social features by hovering over your username at the top right corner of the website while you are logged in.The new social features on A3DP integrate with social services you may already use such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus. Visit the site to see all of the features! If you aren’t already a registered user of, joining the site and being a part of the community is free (and always will be)!


#didyouknow About This Events Calendar Feature?

If you go to our Events Calendar and choose the ‘Add to Google’ option, 3D Printing events will automatically show up in your Google Calendar as we add them. This option shows up at the bottom of any single event, or at the bottom of the calendar page. You only need to do this once!

Try it out!


We have removed the old chat page and you know have access to 3D Printing Chat Rooms. A General Room has been added with more to follow. To help deter any possible abuse and protect our visitors you must Register … Continue reading


We are working on improving the Chat experience, thanks for your patience!  


New Chat Feature On Our #3DPrinting Website!

Chat With Others In The 3D Printing Community!


We have enabled chatting on You can now chat with others on the website and both visitors and registered users are free to use chat. You can start your own chat room by clicking the box next to each persons username or start a private chat by clicking on the actual name of a user within the chat window. You can also direct your message @ a specific user; for example, to speak directly with “quickchat” you can enter @quickchat in the user field. You can access chat either from the bottom right of the Home Page or through its dedicated full screen page here. A dedicated link to the chat page is also at the top of our website.


Chat on


The Addition Of The Remaining #3DPrinting Events Is Complete!

Our revamped 3D Printing Directory is fully up and running!

The 3D Printing Events Directory


We have completed upgrading our directory. We are in the process of updating all of the events that were in the old directory, as well as adding new ones. Please let us know what you think of the improved directory. … Continue reading