#DidYouKnow: How The Recommended Temperatures For #3DPrinter Filaments Are Set?

The Difference Between Extruder and Melt Temperature

The temperature recommendations for 3D Printer Filaments are set according to Extruder temperature, not melt temperature. The temperature that the Extruder of a 3D Printer needs to reach to successfully Print with a Filament that needs to be heated is usually about 100° Celcius/Fahrenheit higher than the extruder_temperature| the Filament will begin to melt at. When buying your 3D Printer and/or 3D Printer Filament make sure that the temperature specifications you are looking at are for the Print/Extruder temperature of the 3D Printer and Filament, not the general operating temperature for the Printer and melt temperature of the Filament. You should be especially cautious if you have a PLA-Only Printer and want to experiment with some other eco-friendly Filaments as most of them require an Extruder temperature higher than what most PLA-Only Printers can handle.

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